3 PolesA friend emailed me today about a public discussion to be held tomorrow (15 February) for people concerned about the current safety problems on Table Mountain.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss the spiralling crime occurring on Table Mountain and to find people who are willing to help mountain services and the rangers of TMNP in any way they can.

The meeting will be held at the Newlands Forest Station (in the lecture room) – starting at 17h00.

I couldn’t find anything about the meeting on the TMNP website (!), so I had to do a bit of digging around to get the details.

In the process I discovered a website called 3 Poles, which, as it turns out, has launched an initiative called ‘Make Table Mountain Safe‘. Brilliant!

Ray, who recently started the initiative, has this to say:

Our beautiful mountain range is under siege… by criminals attacking locals and tourists alike! And I for one cannot sit back and watch this happen.

This is my backyard, my training ground, my city… and I want to ensure it is safe for myself, my family and all those who wish to enjoy the beauty and splendour that it holds.

And that is why I have started this campaign!

I have proposed a public involvement programme to TMNP and they have agreed to let us assist them with their efforts to make the mountain crime free.

Join us now in this effort and show your support. Just a few seconds can help make an enormous difference to the beautiful range.

We will be holding a public forum next week, so please keep an eye open for updates… both on this website as well as in your mailbox.

Thanks for your support, it is immensely appreciated.

Regards, Ray

Having had my very own near-mugging experience, I feel quite strongly about the issue of safety on the mountain. If you feel similarly, get to that meeting!

Or if, like me, you can’t make it (I’ll be out of town, unfortunately), at the very least make sure you sign up on 3Poles now and pledge your support.

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