Creeds Health Shop, Steenberg Village, Cape TownI have a new favourite source of things organic. It’s a health shop called Creeds, in Steenberg Village, and I am addicted to their organic nuts, organic seeds, organic rolled oats, organic oatmilk, organic dried fruit and, and, and… yeah, well let’s just say I go there rather often.

What I like most about Creeds is the exceptional quality of all their products. When I first walked in there, to collect a box of organic goods from the Ethical Coop (Creeds is one of their distribution points), I was struck by the elegant interior of the shop, and felt compelled to have a look around.

Lining the shelves were, amongst other things: fresh organic produce, completely natural cosmetics and skin care products, water distillation systems and pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals… These were folks who clearly did not compromise where health was concerned.

Price-wise (always an important factor), I came to the conclusion that they’re on a par with most organically-minded shops (like Organic Living, in Plumstead, for example). More expensive, perhaps, than a supermarket, but the value for money more than makes up for the difference in price (in my opinion).

I soon discovered that they had an organic food box scheme of their own, and, being a little disillusioned by the Ethical Co-op goods, decided to sign up and give it a try.

Well, it didn’t take me long to become a regular (and ditch the Ethical Co-op in the process – sorry, guys).

Creeds TomatoesTheir vegetables had that ‘just plucked’ glow about them (which was increasingly, unfortunately, not the case with the co-op), and they often threw in little extras, like mini loaves of delicious wheat-free bread, or an extra lemon if one was lying about. I was in organic heaven!

And that’s not all, folks… Creeds also hosts talks on a variety of health-related topics. Being wheat-intolerant, I had a feeling that their discussion about ‘Amazing Grains’ would be enlightening, but I had no idea how much so.

Who knew that there were so very many alternatives to the standard (mass-produced) grains like wheat, and maize? Amaranth, quinoa, barley… spelt?

Some names were familiar to me, but I had no idea what to do with them – others I’d never even heard of before. I came away with a fantastic list of grains, all of their attributes (why they’re good for you), and some ideas as how to cook/prepare them.

Creeds Health Shop, Steenberg Village, Cape TownI find it hard to believe that (in general) we know so little about these aptly named ‘amazing grains’ that have been in existence for thousands of years… grains that are in many ways superior to wheat, but weren’t perhaps as easy to produce en masse at the time?

Anyway… I digress. Uncompromising quality, friendly people, enlightening discussions – it’s a recipe for making me a loyal regular, and I’m already looking forward to picking up my next box of gleaming organic goodies this coming Wednesday.

Creeds is located in Steenberg Village, Cape Town. Tel (021) 702 0036. Organic boxes range from R80 (basic) to R200 (luxury) and are delivered on Wednesdays (pre-order by the preceding Thursday afternoon). Upcoming talks/workshops posted here (though, at the time of writing this, there is as yet no indication of talks for 2008)

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