the mcl that wasOkay, so I realise it hasn’t been that long since the last overhaul of Mother City Living, but it just had to happen.  When you can’t find your way around your own website, you know there’s a problem.

Everything was getting way too cluttered, and I kept forgetting what was and wasn’t there.  

So, under the guise of Blog Meistress (my web-designing alter ego),  I have given Mother City Living a bit of a facelift, trying not to venture too far from what was.  

Drop down menus are my new favourite thing.

Anyway, so please bear with me as I fix up the finer details and clear up categories and so on… and if you feel inclined, let me know whether you think it’s an improvement!

(PS: if you’re not seeing any changes, you might need to refresh a few times as there are likely to be cache issues)

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