Ellen’s Splendiferous Chocolate TrufflesI have a new addiction. Right up there in the ranks of Things Splendiferous (I’m making a list), alongside Gerald’s as-yet-unparalleled Honey I have placed the recently discovered chocolate truffles of Ellen Von Maltitz.

Take one bite of these delectable delights and you’ll find your eyeballs rolling back in their sockets and a stupid grin affixing itself upon your face… I exaggerate not.

How I’ve managed to miss Ellen’s stall at the Porter Estate Produce Market, I really don’t know… but this Saturday as I was wandering past, I glimpsed the pretty chocolates on their unusually-shaped plates and decided to take a look.

One sample piece later, and I was instantly and utterly hooked. Wow. No wonder she trades under the name ‘Theobroma – Food of the Gods’.

Ellen’s Splendiferous Chocolate TrufflesEllen’s chocolates are all home-made, with Belgian chocolate as a base, using as many home-grown or self-picked ingredients as she can get her hands on: organic mint and lavender from her own garden, cherries she picked out in Ceres and bottled at home – you get the picture.

Her variety of flavours will get your tastebuds quivering: orange-peel, ginger, lavender, mint, hazelnut, port & apricot, halva, cherry – and quite a few more. I bought four – halva, hazelnut, mint and cherry – and they are all absolutely mouthwatering (yes, I’ve eaten them all, already *sigh*… only 6 days left until the next market).

Pure pleasure, at R5 a pop… I cannot recommend these highly enough. Who needs Lindt when Ellen’s splendiferous chocolates are about!

Ellen’s ‘Theobroma – Food of the Gods’ chocolate truffles can be found at the Porter Estate Produce Market in Tokai, held every Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm. Alternatively, you can contact her directly: Ellen Von Maltitz (021) 783 4340 or 079 341 8255.

** UPDATE ** Ellen no longer sells her chocolates at the Porter Estate Produce Market. Instead, you’ll find her at the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market every Saturday.

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