Peregrine Farm StallOh, I love it when I hear news of new farmers’ markets.

It is, as regular readers will know by now, one of my chief pleasures in life to wander through the stalls of a market, browsing through the uber-fresh vegetables, pickles, jams and what-have-you before laying happy claim to as many as I can eat and carting them off home.

It doesn’t take much to keep me happy, it would seem!

Anyway, I stopped in at Peregrine Farm Stall in Elgin a few weekends ago and was so impressed with their range of fresh and organic produce (just haven’t had time to wax lyrical about it as yet) that I decided to make it a regular stop whenever I’m heading along the N2.

And now I have even more reason to visit the place: there’s a new fresh produce market starting up next weekend (Saturday 18 October) – the Elgin Valley Market.

COME October, Saturdays in the Valley will never be the same again. The Elgin Valley Market is set to enter a new era at the landmark Peregrine Farm Stall where an open air market square is being built to present everything that comes from the bounteous goodness granted the Valley.

The cobbled square will face onto an existing shed which will be opened on one side for a free flow of visitors and surrounded by sheltered lean-to’s housing shelves and shelves of fresh, wholesome, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, olives, olive oil, wines, everything culinary that is healthy, wholesome and organic, sourced from the Elgin Valley.

The market square will include a variety of food stalls and seating where people can relax and enjoy the local fare.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And what I particularly like about this market (apart from the obvious abundance of freshly plucked vegetables) is this:

The Elgin Valley Market will be different because product sales will extend into the Peregrine Farm Stall. Stall owners who do not sell all their goods on Saturdays, will have an opportunity to sell surplus stock to Peregrine. Stall holders’ products will then be sold on Sundays, traditionally Peregrine’s busiest day, and the rest of the week. (via)

What a great idea! No one wants fresh produce wasted, and this way it’s less likely it will be.

The Elgin Valley Market will be held at the Peregrine Farm Stall (on the N2, in the Elgin Valley) on this Saturday the 18th of October, and will be held on every following Saturday until the end of summer. Visit the market’s website for more information.


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