I LOVE this:  a new drink that embraces slow living and de-stressing, and is the very antithesis of highly caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull.

Under the premise that caffeine-packed drinks tend to increase anxiety, Slow Cow contains theanine, chamomile, valerian, passiflora and other ingredients known for their calming effects. The beverage is meant to increase mental awareness while improving relaxation, without the post-hit dip that caffeine and other stimulants cause.

Slow Cow, whose tongue-in-cheek logo apparently did not amuse Red Bull, might have found a gap in a market saturated with energy drinks of every possible variety. It’s not the only beverage to position itself as a relaxation drink, mind you, (Drank is another), but Slow Cow gets our vote for best branding. Seems like a natural fit for spas, hotels, airlines—or anywhere else consumers could use a serving of relaxation.

(via Springwise.com)

It’s made in Canada, and of course it doesn’t make eco-sense for us to drink it here (what with shipping ‘n’ all) – so it’s unlikely I’ll get to try it myself.  Besides which, I’m certain there are plenty of locally produced, less-branded equivalents that have the same ‘calming effects’.  But, still, I think it’s a fantastic idea, don’t you?

Springwise.com, by the way, is a an incredible hub for showcasing the world’s best entrepreneurial ideas, many of which are happening in the ‘eco & sustainability‘ industry.  It’s well worth signing up for their weekly newsletter – the innovation going on out there is astonishing.

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