Just as the World Cup was about to start, I had a little visit from the Macaroon Fairy, bearing dainty gifts of green and gold: my very own limited edition Bafana Bafana macaroons.

Perfect macaroon by seriouseats.com

I’ll admit I giggled a teensy bit at the patriotic colours, having not yet fully embraced the ‘gees‘ that has swept our city and our country over the last couple of weeks. But dang, when I took one out and had an exploratory nibble, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

I’m not a sweet-tooth, by nature (more of an 85% dark chocolate junkie), but I would definitely have trouble resisting these temptresses if they were hanging about – they are splendiferous! They’re like meringues, but oh so much better than meringues… soft in all the right places, and crunchy where it counts.

And it’s all about the quality of the ingredients… According to Bottle Plate Pillow (aka my Macaroon Fairy), the creator of these irresistible delights, master chef Frank Meijer, these world-famous Parisian biscuits are made of pure almonds with a Belgian chocolate filling; a pure hand-made product!

So, how can you wander into temptation?  Unfortunately, Frank Meijer has since gone overseas, but you can find equally delicious treats at Daniela’s at the Cape Quarter (I’ve tried those too) – they stock a full range of macaroons (not just in green and gold) as well as many other mouth-watering creations.

And, if you’re curious about how the macaroon is made, here’s how some folks like to do it (!):

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