Knead Bakery Bread

A friend and I went to Knead Bakery today – the same friend who first recommended it to me a week or so ago.

What a fantastic place!

It’s warm and friendly, and funky to boot. Big chunky wooden tables, mouth-watering bread and pastries wherever you look, and a menu that’s varied, but not overwhelming.

I had what must be one of the best sandwiches I have ever had the pleasure of salivating over: goatsmilk cheese with tasty roasted veggies atop a generous slice of toasted rye (I asked for rye rather than the Italian bread on the menu). Delectable.

Add to that a highly caffeinated cup of Buondi cappuccino and you have one very happy (hyper) girl.

After lunching, we inspected the bakery section, which has a beautifully presented selection of breads and pastries. I drooled. A lot. Then I bought a buttermilk rye to take home and drool over some more.

You can find Knead Bakery in Wembley Square, Mackenzie Street, Gardens. Lunch for two, including a drink and a cappuccino each, came to R96. My loaf of buttermilk rye cost me R13.50.

PS. Wembley Square is a very cool place indeed. Stylishly metropolitan and very inviting. Go there!

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