Observatory Holistic FairOn the first Sunday of every month the holistically-minded gather at the Observatory Community Centre for the Holistic Lifestyle Fair. And, at long last – I’ve been meaning to go for some time – I went to check it out.

It was quite fun! There are indoor stalls, and outdoor stalls, a hall full of psychics and aura-painters, corridors packed with shiatsu and chakra-cleansing experts.

You can find out what your future holds, dig into your past lives and even have your own personal mandala drawn up (along with a detailed personal chart, based on numerology and sacred geometry). Pretty cool stuff!

Holistic Fair, ObservatoryOr, sample tasty-looking chickpea fudge, buy crystals mined way up in the Himalayas or try your hand at playing a didgeridoo (it’s definitely harder than it looks).

As I’d suspected, the fair has a distinctly ‘alternative’ slant to it – quite a few folks there would look quite at home in a small curtained room, sitting behind a glowing crystal ball. And that’s part of the fun of it (in my opinion).

If I were to try out some alternative therapies, though (and I am a big fan of holistic rather than allopathic treatment, wherever possible), I’m not sure I’d want them done in such a public environment.

It’s too noisy! One therapist, in particular, was very vocal about his subject’s various chakral disorders, his booming proclamations carrying all the way down the stairs. You couldn’t see who it was he was evaluating, but it sounded more like he was looking under the bonnet of a car – and explaining how to fix it up – than tuning into the vibrational energy levels of a sensitive human being!

Holistic Fair, ObservatoryAdded to that were the queues forming for just about every treatment, and I didn’t quite feel up to waiting (not having any particular therapy in mind).

I do think, though, that if you’re someone who wants to try out something like what’s on offer there, it is a good way to get a taster, without it being very expensive.

Much to my delight, amongst the outdoor stalls I discovered Gerald the Bee Whisperer, and rapidly scooped up a new supply of his delicious and delectable, utterly splendiferous honey. For Gerald alone, I would (and will) go back every month from now on.

The Holistic Lifestyle Fair takes place every first Sunday of the month at the Observatory Community Centre, Off Station Road and Lower Main Road, Observatory. Entrance is R8 for adults, under 16’s free.

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