Fresh Organic ProduceSo, I made it to the Woodstock Neighbourhood Goods Market this weekend, and it was quite something!

Once my mother and I had navigated the rather unruly streets of Salt River, and found ourselves a rather unusual parking place alongside a group of very broken down cars (we hoped our car would not be mistaken for same), we made our way down to Albert Rd (Lower Main Road), navigated the pedestrian crossing and wandered into the distinctive Old Biscuit Mill complex.

The market was very busy. There are obviously many fans out there of things organic, and this is where they congregate, perched on hay bales cunningly sealed in plastic covers (a novel concept, I thought) munching on organic chickpeas, sipping on organic wines and indulging in organic chocolate for dessert.

We didn’t eat anything at the market, other than tasting a bit of organic cheese, but we bought, between us, a large loaf of sour-dough bread, a wedge of farm cheese, half a dozen eggs, a big clove of garlic, some chickpea salad and a small tub of spicy olives (all of which proved delicious, when we dug into them back at home).Organic Snacks

The variety was astounding. There were organic radishes, organic potatoes, organic pickles, organic teas, organic cakes, organic snacks and organic coffees. Organic sundried tomatoes, organic oranges, organic breads and, well, you get the picture.

My advice, if you’re going to go, is to go early. Salt River is extremely busy on a Saturday morning, and it was something of a bun-fight finding parking (there’s no parking set aside – and unless you have a very active parking angel, or possess a pavement-hopping 4×4, you aren’t going to find any on Albert Rd itself).

So, you have to find a spot in one of the little roads coming off Albert Rd (roads which were not designed for parking and two-way traffic) and then walk through what feels like a bit of a rough neighbourhood to get to the market itself. Not ideal.

If it weren’t for the parking nightmare, I would go every week – the food is that good. As it is, though, I’d rather order my organic goodies from the Ethical Co-op and have them delivered to my door, checking in on the market from time to time when I’m feeling strong.

The organic market is held every Saturday between 9am and 2pm at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock (373 – 375 Albert Rd (Lower Main Rd.) Woodstock, Cape Town).

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