Mother City Living is about living the good life in Cape Town, the Mother City.

By ‘good life’, we don’t mean a high-flying money-is-no-object kind of life, we mean a life that includes good food, beautiful places and excursions to the great outdoors, all within the realms of an ordinary person’s budget.

For us, living the ‘good’ life has come to mean living a ‘green’ life. We’re for natural things, of organic foods, original crafts, restaurants that are not chains, small shops and cafes. We’re for slow food, not fast food, and believe in finding out where food comes from, and how it was created.

Mother City Living will bring news of the places we’ve visited along our culinary travels – places that take great care in the preparation of food, of the service they provide, and especially those folk who make an effort to source their ingredients locally.

Food markets are our playground, so expect to hear plenty about those (and there are so many of them these days!) and about food-related events and festivities.

This is the good ‘green’ life, and we’re living it!

About Us

Pia Taylor – Editor

pia-profile-picPia Taylor is a freelance web designer living, working and playing in ever-so beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Back in 2008, inspired by what she was seeing around her, she created Mother City Living, a practical guide to living the good ‘green’ life in Cape Town.

And thus began a quest to find ways to live greener, eat slower, and generally leave all things mass-produced and earth-unfriendly in her dust… something she discovered wasn’t actually as difficult as she’d thought.

Now, she’s ditched supermarkets and shopping malls and could think of no better way to spend her time than being in the great outdoors, visiting farmers’ markets, tasting lovingly-made food – and then writing about it!

Life’s rough in Africa.


Jacqui_cropJacqui Stephenson has a B.Sc Honours degree in Zoology from the University of Cape Town. Jacqui works on scientific and agricultural projects for Tokai-based C4 EcoSolutions.

C4 EcoSolutions (Pty) Ltd. provides scientific expertise on large-scale ecological projects, and the management of climate change. This includes scientific and strategic management, collection of research data, writing of reports, and publication of research results in peer-reviewed journals.

Fancy being a contributor? Please contact pia@mothercityliving.co.za and let’s chat!

Runner up for Best Green Blog in the SA Blog Awards 2008 The South African Food and Wine Blogger Directory
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