5 Park RoadI love finding new places accidentally, especially when they turn out to be really good – and that’s exactly what happened to me this week.

Friends and I had organised to meet up at Simply Asia (Gardens branch) for a Tuesday lunch. It’s one of my favourite places to eat (I must – I will – write about it some time), so I’d suggested it for the rendezvous.

When I arrived there, though, admittedly somewhat late, my friends were nowhere to be seen. I was just about to sit down when I received an sms asking where the hell I was…

Disconcerted, and wondering how on earth we could have mixed up the venues I gave them a call, only to find that they were in a restaurant called ‘5 Park Road‘.

Cob Lunch Special

It’s right next door to Simply Asia, and they thought they were in Simply Asia. The fact that there’s nothing whatsoever Asian about the menu or decor hadn’t yet tipped them off (not enough coffee consumed, clearly).

Well, seeing as we were already there, and it seemed like an interesting spot, we decided to stay put and try out their vast and varied menu.

The waitress (Martinet) was lovely, very friendly and helpful, running through the various specials and explaining the menu (she even hand-made me a Cafe Mocha, even though it wasn’t strictly on the menu).

Lunch At 5 Park Road

I ordered one of their lunch specials, grilled cob on a bed of herbed mash potatoes, accompanied by very very tasty red spinach (who knew spinach could taste so good!). All this, plus a small glass of white wine (or coffee, if you prefer), came to R40. And it was very filling.

My friends ordered a baby calamari salad (R43) and a calamari lunch special (R40), both of which looked and tasted absolutely delicious (especially the chips, apparently).
The coffee they serve there is ‘Illy‘, which ranks up there with Buondi (in my humble coffee-loving opinion) and a cappuccino there costs R12. It was excellent.

The ambience in 5 Park Road is lovely and calm, the service exceptional, and the food delicious. What a find!

5 Park Road is in Gardens, Cape Town at (you guessed it) 5 Park Road (just up from Kloof St, near the Lifestyles Centre). Tel: 021 422 5022.

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