The theme for the April edition of Atlantic Seaboard Greendrinks is FOOD, we’ll be talking good food, bad food, raw food and organic.

Speakers include:

Patrick Schofield: Patrick is one of the founders of Kwalapa, the organic wholefoods store, deli and food design centre that’s out to make a difference. Based in the Montebello Design Estate, Newlands, the food that they prepare and sell is local, wholesome organic produce. Please check out the website to find out more, because there is so much more to Kwalapa. Or even better, pop into Kwalapa too see and sample the freshness for yourself.

Dax Villanueva: A Greendrinks supporter, will talk about how we need to walk against the tide of living fast and eating fast. Organic, local, seasonal, fair. These things are better for us and better for the planet. The presentation will also include an introduction to the worldwide slow food movement.

DATE: Wednesday, 14 April 2010
VENUE:  Cafe La Vie, 205 Beach Road, Sea Point (next to the SABC building)
TIME: 6.30pm for 7pm

Greendrinks is a free forum, open to anyone who wants to share green experiences, discuss ideas for more conscious living, network, listen to new developments and have a good time. (

We hope to see you all there!
Spread the invite to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues so that we keep Greendrinks going in our area.


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