Belugas CocktailsOr, ‘Beluga’s Cocktails And The Effect They Have On One’s Ability To Speak Coherently’

The cocktails at Belugas are sublime. Cosmopolitans, kir royales, martinis of every description – strawberry, apple, you name it – all served in the most beautifully elegant glasses (the kind that make you feel glamorous just by virtue of having one in your hand).

They are also decidedly alcoholic, but taste so delectable that you simply don’t notice until it’s far too late.

You try to be well-behaved and stick to one cocktail, or perhaps two. But when visiting on a Friday evening you are faced with the ever-so-tempting prospect of a 2-for-1 special (order one cocktail, get another of the same, on the house).

There’s the catch, of course, because you don’t want two of the same (variety is the spice of life, after all), so you simply have to order two different ones. And unless you have a cocktail-buddy (someone who likes the same cocktails as you do, and is prepared to do a swap) before you know it you’ve knocked back four very tasty, surprisingly alcoholic, delishus delightsshh..

At that point, much to your surprise and indignant consternation, the words coming out of your mouth don’t quite match the ones you put there in the first place and people are politely pretending to understand what on earth you are rambling on about.

This is your cue to order a glass of water, or three, and, thus sobered (haha), make as graceful an exit as you can muster.

Beluga Bar & Restaurant is on the ground floor of ‘The Foundry’ in Prestwich Street, Greenpoint. Tel: (021) 418 2948. Cocktail ‘happy hour’ is on Fridays only, between 5 and 6.30pm.

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