Last week I ducked down to Greenmarket Square for lunch with a friend, and we found ourselves at Buzz, a relatively new health bar that’s opened up near the market.

My first impression was that it was very similar to Kauai: being all about health foods and smoothies with boosters and so on. But there the comparison ends, in my (sometimes) humble opinion – the food at Buzz is much better, and the decor appeals to me far more.

Unlike Kauai, the food at Buzz actually tastes of something… in fact, it was damn good. I’m all for health food being full of goodness (blah blah), but, as I’ve mentioned before, that doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring.

I had a wholewheat wrap with humus and coriander, and I loved every last bit of it. It was perfectly seasoned for my palate, and the coriander was superbly fresh. I finished it with a big smile on my dial.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me (getting slack!), so no pics of the place (yet), but it has a wonderfully funky interior. Lots of white with brightly coloured chairs and decor… and a great selection of tunes to keep the mood upbeat.

It’s right on the edge of Greenmarket Square, so there’s quite a bustle going on outside – perfect for people-watching whilst you eat (if you’re eating alone). My guess is that this will be a hit in summer, though parking in the middle of town is a nightmare, so probably most frequented by those of us working in the CBD.

I will most definitely be back.

Buzz is located on Greenmarket Square (Shortmarket St) in Cape Town’s CBD. I can’t seem to find a website but they’re listed in the phone book: 021 424 5305.

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