Cafe Miam OutdoorsSo I went back to Cafe Miam on Friday and was again very impressed. Not only did the beautiful barmen remember us (I had the same friend with me as the last time), they even remembered what drinks we’d ordered, and offered us more of the same.

Now that’s not something that happens in every bar, not even Belugas.

We sat outside this time around, instead of at the bar, and were served complimentary snacks (chicken skewers and some phyllo creations with various delicious fillings).

The waitress was lovely (this seems to be a theme at Miam) and attentive and we had a great time.

It seems, though, that they might have changed their minds about half-price drinks between 6 and 8pm… Either that or they forgot to halve the bill!

It got a little cold, eventually, but I’d guess that in summer, this place is going to be very very popular.

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