Cafe Puka - TamboerskloofI went wandering today, through the streets of Tamboerskloof (as one does). It was such a beautiful day, and I needed to get out of the office for a while.

So, off I went, up Kloof St, then up to Rafikis and across the confusing Kloof Nek junction, and along the edge of the small park. At the Table Mountain Lodge I turned right into Tamboerskloof Rd and spotted ‘Cafe Puka‘.

I’ve seen it before, but have never thought to stop in. However, this time the sudden urge for a quick cappuccino (no doubt prompted by the ever-welcome sight of the crimson Buondi logo), I decided to sit down for a bit and enjoy the day and the scenery.

There are a number of tables outside, making this a fantastic summer lunch spot, and though I didn’t eat I did take a look at their menu, which seems quite varied and reasonably priced (and has wheat-free options, something I always check for).

Once my frothy caffeine booster had arrived I sat back and watched the cable cars shuttling up and down the front of Table Mountain. The cafe is on the corner of two fairly quiet streets, with a park diagonally opposite it, making it quite a tranquil spot.

There seemed to be a fair amount of parking nearby, too, which makes it fairly accessible to those who’re not planning on getting there on foot.

Cafe Puka is located on the corner of Brunswick and Tamboerskloof Rd, in Tamboerskloof. Tel.021 423 6715. A small cappuccino costs R10.

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