Just heard about some cool-sounding specials on at Cafe Vespa this weekend…

Vespa is a groovy spot, and, apart from the fact that they recently took my favourite dish off the menu (falafels on skewers, served with a superb aioli dip *sob*) I rather like going there from time to time.

Summer is the best time for a visit to Vespa – their balcony has some of the best views of Table Mountain and their music is very hip (if a bit loud at times).

They have awesome cocktails, like the refreshing and tasty ‘Fresca’, and some that I’ve not seen anywhere else in Cape Town (don’t try the Turkish Delight, though, yuck!).

This coming long weekend they’re going to be offering the following specials:

  • fri 22nd sept – cocktail friday with dj mpumi (great cocktail specials from 6pm until late)
  • sat 23rd sept – rick hunters chill session (7pm to 12 midnight)
  • sun 24th sept – vespa fun run (from 10am weather depending. lunchtime braai from 1pm, booking essential)

Can’t say that I know who Dj Mpumi or Rick Hunters are, but it sounds like fun anyway.

I won’t be in town (I’m off to Greyton for the weekend), but if you haven’t made travel plans it could be that Vespa will be the place for you.

Cafe Vespa is at 108 Kloof St, Cape Town, on the right as you go up (past Mimmos and right next to Cafe Paradiso). Tel: 021 426 5042. 

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