origin_artisanSomething I’ve been wanting to do for some time now is to put together a directory of all the fabulous food artisans we have in Cape Town, and around the country.

A food artisan is someone who is dedicated to the art of hand-making food products, such as bread, coffee (and other beverages) and cheese.

You’ll find them at gourmet food markets like the Neighbour Goods Market, the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market and the Porter Estate Produce Market.  There are also restaurants serving artisan foods… and I know about far fewer of those than I would like.

And, increasingly, they’re setting up shop in places like Muizenberg (Knead Bakery, La Petite Boulangerie), Kalk Bay (C’est La Vie), to name but a few.

People are realising just how much better artisan food tastes than the mass-produced commercial additive-packed kind you generally find on supermarket shelves (never mind how much better it is for you!)

artisan_breadBut, try a web search, and it’s really hard to find them. So, I have decided to begin collecting info on any food artisans within the Western Cape, with the aim of creating a mini-directory as well as featuring a new artisan every week.

With any luck, I’ll also be able to go and try out these artisan treats for myself, and add reviews as I go (mmmm…)

So, if you are a food artisan, or know someone who is, please make contact – and let’s get this directory up and running!




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