Cape Wildflower Season

Wildflowers of the Namaqualand

Every spring the Cape erupts in a dazzling display of bright colour.  It’s spring-time and the wildflowers come out in full celebration of the ever-warmer days.

Having a look around the wild wild web, I discovered there isn’t nearly enough information on where to go, what to see, and when to make the trip.  So, I’ve decided to start putting my own guide together, which I hope to keep up to date with the latest flower news as and when I hear of it.

Postberg Nature Reserve

A small reserve on the Cape West Coast, only open for two months during flower season (August and September).  It forms part of the larger West Coast National Park, and is known for its phenomenal displays of wild flowers.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Postberg is that it’s less than 100km from the Mother City, which makes it a very easy day trip.

West Coast MapIf you’re planning to go:

  • It’ll take you about an hour to get there: the main entrance to the park is on your left, about 90km from Cape Town, on the west coast road (R27) before Langebaan.
  • Entrance to the park costs R30 for South Africans, R60 for tourists.   If you have a Cape Cluster Wildcard, it’s free.
  • The Postberg Reserve is a section of the park that is only open to visitors during flower season (August and September).
  • If you’re going during the weekend, get there EARLY.  The queues can be quite staggering and frustrating, and it’d be a pity to have driven out all that way to get only a few moments of flower-gazing.
  • The main gate opens at 7am (until 6.30), and the Postberg section at 9am (closes 5pm).
  • The best viewing times for the flowers are between 11am and 3pm.
  • Keep in mind that flowers turn towards the sun, so it’s best to view them with the sun behind you.

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