A colleague sent me a link to the Uncyclopedia’s somewhat irreverant description of Cape Town, the “mother city”:

Cape Town is a city on the coast of South Africa, so called because the wearing of capes or cloaks is compulsory within the city limits. Founded by Batman on his way to Melbourne from Holland in 1652.

Cape Town is also called “The mother city”, believed to be due to the highly expressive vocabulary of the local dialect (in which the words “your mother” feature regularly) and the cheap and nasty (but potent) local wine. A different school of thought believes the origin of the name lies in the fact that it takes 9 months to do anything in this sleepy hollow.

The rest of the description is equally entertaining:

Industries are growing the cash crops of wine and marijuana, making mousetraps, drug abuse, watching paint dry, crime and mugging tourists (not generally considered to be a crime). Cape Town holds the record as the site of the largest car park in Cape Town.

Be sure to scroll down to the ‘Tourist Attractions’ section, and to click through to related definitions. Very funny!

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