When last have you been to a market where everything is free?  My guess is never (I certainly haven’t), but if the grumpy weather plays along, you could be doing exactly that this weekend… at Cape Town’s first ever ‘Really Really Free Market’.

So, what does ‘really really free’ mean?  Exactly what it sounds like:

The concept is really simple: if you have anything to share – things that you no longer use and that are clogging up your garage, your hair cutting skills or anything else you can think of – then bring them along.

The only restriction: everything has to be 100% free. No swapping, no bartering and no money involved…

Where? next to Zandvlei, on the large grassy bit on the east side of the vlei where the kite festival normally happens… We’ll put up some banners to mark the spot.

This event is open to anyone – so bring your kids and grandparents – and it’s organised by the participants themselves, including you. There won’t be any “official stalls” and things. It will simply be whatever all of us make of it, so bring some blankets and join us for a relaxed afternoon.

I like the idea… it reminds me a bit of Burning Man, and our own Afrika Burn – money-free festivals that revolve around the sharing (not swopping) of gifts, resources and talents.   That said, though, at a festival you’re unlikely to bring junk that’s clogging your garage, so it’s likely to play out rather differently in this instance.

Weather permitting, this first ever Really Really Free Market in Cape Town will take place this Sunday at Zandvlei in Muizenberg from 1pm to 5pm.  If it rains on Sunday the event will be postponed until the following Sunday (22 November).  More info posted on the event’s Facebook page.

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