Earlier this year I went on tour of Backsberg Estate near Paarl and came back impressed by their unconventional and innovative ways of keeping things earth-friendly. And, recently, it was announced that Food & Trees for Africa would be opening a Cape Town office on the estate.

Great timing, it would seem, seeing as we’re in the middle of Arbor Week (1-7 September)!  And, keeping to the green theme, Backsberg has decided to extend the week and make it Arbor Month instead:

September is Arbor Month and Backsberg is working with the Starke Ayres Garden Centre in Cape Town to create awareness and excitement around planting trees – specifically the tree of the year: Halleria lucida.

With the purchase of a case of wine from the Backsberg Tasting Room during September, you’ll will have the option of taking home either a Halleria lucida tree or a voucher for the Starke Ayres Garden Centre (while stocks last). In turn, Starke Ayres will be giving away a bottle of Backsberg Chenin Blanc 2009 with every tree purchased from the garden centre.

Marketing Manager, Simon Back explains that Backsberg have decided to undertake this project as part of their greening programme, with the intention of increasing the number of trees planted during Arbor month. By including their customers in this tree-planting exercise, Backsberg aim to encourage the planting of trees while involving as many people as possible.

And the Halleria lucida sounds like a fantastic tree of choice (wish I had space for more than a few not-quite-as-exciting lettuces!):

Backsberg have chosen the evergreen Halleria lucida tree because of its status as the tree of the year. Commonly known as the Tree Fuschia or Notsung, this beautiful tree is popular for attracting a variety of birds. It shows off bright green foliage and blossoms with yellow and orange tubular flowers. It is relatively easy to grow, and is well-adapted to the Cape peninsula. Traditionally, there is a Zulu usage of the tree for medicinal purposes, as well as the warding off of witchcraft and lightning!

Haha!  Don’t suppose we have too much cause for worry as far as lightning goes, but you never know…

For more information, please contact Simon at Backsberg on (021) 875 5141 or Marian at Starke Ayres on (021) 685 4120.

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