Coffee fan?  Now you can drink great coffee and be supporting a cause at the same time… (like any coffee enthusiast needs an excuse!)

On the 25th of September, you can join a worldwide bid to create a new record of 100,000 cups of Fairtrade coffee consumed in the space of one hour.

Fair Trade South Africa is an organization that promotes and represents fair trade in this country. Fair Trade is an alternative trading system which stresses the importance of fair prices for products, fair working conditions and fair treatment of our environment.

We are organizing an event regarding fair trade coffee, which will be simultaneously celebrated all over the world. The main aim of the event is to enjoy lovely all-African Fairtrade coffee (see and to promote the concept of fair trade.


quenshThe event will be hosted by Quensh Organic Deli in Observatory.  They make excellent flat whites (and Bean There is fabulous coffee to work with), so you’re in for a treat if you haven’t been there before.  And, you can grab some delicious organic breakfast to go with the caffeine.

It’s a fairly small venue, so if you’re keen to attend, it’s probably a good idea to RSVP in advance, so they have an idea of how many people to expect (contact Arianna via email

Event details
Date: Friday 25 September – 10am to 11am.
Venue: Quensh Organic Deli, 42 Lower Main Road, Observatory.
Cost: 2 cups Fairtrade coffee + (croissant = R10; muffin = R12; egg sandwich = R30)

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