Noordhoek SunsetWell, as unlikely-sounding title as that is, that is exactly what I got up to last night…

There’s a comet, you see, currently making a bright and sparkly appearance on the horizon, just above the sun, as it sets. Or so I gather, seeing as there have been far too many clouds about to allow me to witness it first-hand.

But, hope springs eternal, so they say, and last night I decided to see if, perhaps, the clouds hadn’t parted, just a little, to allow even a fleeting glimpse of this fiery ball in the skies.

So, I grabbed my trusty camera, hauled out my tripod, threw in a pair of binoculars for good measure, and sped off towards sunset-facing Noordhoek Beach.

But, alas, it was all for McNaught (ahem). The sunset was beautiful (as Noordhoek sunsets so often are), but the clouds were far too dense to allow any comet-sighting and after taking a few token sunset-snaps, I decided to head back.

By then I’d worked up quite a hunger (comet-hunting is hard work, you know), so I stopped in at the Nag’s Head in Noordhoek Village and had a Fisherman’s Pie. My mom, whom I’d picked up along the way to join me in my comet-quest, had a cauldron of mussels… Mine was very good (the pie itself – the veggies weren’t anything to write home about); hers was not.

The rest of the menu looked quite good – it’s a pub-restaurant, but the food on offer is fairly varied, from pizzas with creative names like ‘El Scorcho’ and a range of pastas, seafood platters, steaks, eisbein…the list goes on.

The atmosphere inside is cosy, and it must be a great place to hang out in winter (big fireplace to warm the room).

So anyway, once supper was over it was back off home to pray to the clear-sky gods for another chance at spotting the blazing Comet McNaught.

Perhaps tonight will be the night… (or perhaps I should be living in Jo’burg).

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