An interesting initiative by Constantia Village

For the duration of this week (until Sunday), the shopping centre is running what they call ‘Green By Nature’, an initiative highlighting the ‘green-ness’ of the shops in the mall.

On the window of each shop is a checklist of possible ways in which that particular shop might be helping to take strain off of the environment, be it recycling, stocking Fairtrade products, reusing recycled materials or what have you.

The shops have (for the most part) checked which of those steps they are taking. Plus, there are a few exhibition stands inside the centre, displaying things like worm farms and water purifying systems.

It’s worth seeing what shops are doing what (if they aren’t just making it up), and who stocks organic and natural products.

Pick n Pay, interestingly, is apparently installing the huge wormery that’s currently on display, to use for all of its fresh produce that can no longer be sold. What they’ll do with all the worm castings and tea that will result, is anyone’s guess, but I think it’s a great step they’ve taken.

Anyway, if you’re in the ‘hood, it’s worth checking out, particularly to see for yourself how the worm farms actually work (if you don’t already have one of your own), and to put your name into a draw to win one of your own.


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