Crush is a relatively new eatery in the also fairly new Wembley Square complex, in Gardens. The focus: fresh food, fast, and in my opinion, they are most definitely getting it right.

I love Crush. I would (and often do) go out of my way to stop in and sample one of their many tasty (hellishly healthy) meals.

So far, my two favourite lunch meals at Crush have been a Mexican bean salad (complete with sour cream, tasty farm cheese, and a variety of aforementioned beans) and a toasted tuna mayo sandwich (with the novel and surprisingly delicious add-on of Mrs Balls chutney).

CrushUnfortunately, much to my dismay, the bean salad is no longer available (they have a new summer menu), but there are plenty other goodies to keep the tastebuds tantalised, and everything is so fresh one feels they must have a garden stashed away someplace real close (up on the roof, perhaps?).

A few things that make Crush extra-ordinary:

  • its location in trendy Wembley Square (right next to Knead Bakery, a sushi bar, and Vida E Caffe)
  • its truly fresh and tasty fare
  • its menu separated into different eat-in and take-away prices – something I’ve not seen elsewhere (they deliver too, within walking distance)
  • its daily specials – there’s always something new to try out.
  • they serve Pimms and ginger-ale – the perfect summer drink!

My only caveat: if you like your coffee to have a kick, skip the fairly bland Crush coffee and go straight to next-door Knead (they serve Buondi), or to the much lauded Vida E Caffe (personally, since they switched from Buondi to whatever it is they put in there now I find Vida a bit indifferent, but many would disagree).

So, if you’re a fan of things fresh, organic and ever-so-tasty, become a Crush addict, like me and start spending ever-increasing amounts of time in Wembley Square.

You can find Crush in Wembley Square, Mackenzie Street, Gardens.

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