Primi Piatti, ConstantiaOne of the things I miss most about my formerly-wheat-eating existence is the treat that is a good, thin-based, crispy-crusted pizza, topped with all that is tasty and exquisitely decadent.

Trying to find wheat-free items on a menu isn’t always easy and, in moments of weakness (and there have been many), I have thrown caution to the wind and gone ahead and indulged in the proverbial forbidden fruit, savouring every single unlawful yet delectable, mouth-watering bite as it happened – but always regretting it afterwards.

And so it was with great jubilation (to say the very least) that I discovered the addition of a wheat-free base to Primi Piatti’s already exceptional (but formerly wheat-intensive) pizza menu. I blinked, and could barely contain my excitement as I ordered my very first restaurant-bought, non-allergy-inducing pizza.

It was delicious. It was delightful. And it was side-effect free. The base was a tiny bit chewy, admittedly, but nonetheless very palatable, and wonderfully thin (I’m not a big fan of the thick-crusted variety). It is noticeably smaller than the normal pizzas, which might make you feel a (little) bit cheated, but I figured it was well worth it.

I am hooked. I can’t get enough. But, and here’s the catch: you have to phone ahead – the wheat-free bases are apparently in rather large demand (!), and aren’t always available (something I discovered the hard, hungry way).

So, if you’re a fellow wheat-intolerant in search of a bit of fun-food, Primi Piatti Constantia is the place. Pair it up with their excellent Greek salad, and you’re sorted. Ever so highly recommended, and not only is the food fantastic, but the staff are the friendliest I’ve yet encountered out ‘n’ about.

Primi Piatti‘s Constantia branch is in Constantia Village (the ‘Old Village’) on Constantia Main Road. Tel: 021 794 7771. Pizzas vary in price, and the wheat-free base will add on about R13 to the total. If you’re going the wheat-free route, call ahead to make sure they have pizza bases in stock!

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