It’s official – Tokai is about to have its very own fresh food market, the Earth Fair Food Market, and the products they have lined up sound really good to this green foodie…

“The indoor food market will host top quality traders selling a range of locally produced and artisan food products: a butcher selling free range meat, a fishmonger, organic and non organic fruit and veggies as well as a wine merchant, baker, dairy and many other quality products.”

Originally scheduled to open this coming Saturday, the market will now launch on the 11th of July ’09.

Trading hours: Saturday 9-2:30pm (from 11th July); Wednesday 11-4pm (from the 22nd July) 4pm-8pm.
Where: South Palms (next to Builders Warehouse in Tokai Main Rd)

I have a feeling the key to this market’s success lies in the fact that it’s open twice a week (well, that and the quality of the produce, naturally), which makes it more accessible to everyday shoppers.  And of course being an undercover market is definitely going to help with the unpredictable Cape Town weather.

If I lived nearby, I think I’d be there every single week.  Unfortunately, though, I’m going away the weekend it opens, so I’m going to have to wait until the 22nd to check it out, but I hope fellow foodies out there will go and have a look and let me know what it’s like!

The website is still under construction, but bookmark it anyway – – I’m sure there’ll be something there soon.

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