Wellness Warehouse bagThe Wellness Warehouse in Claremont is running a special on eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable jute carrier bags – selling them for only R9.95.

Now, this isn’t an extraordinary price when compared to the functional ‘green bags’ already sold by shops like Pick’n’Pay and Woolworths, but what’s different about these bags is that over and above functionality, they’ve got style, too.

The bags, currently available in two colours (fuschia and ‘natural green’) are 100% biodegradable and recyclable (according to the label), and have a waterproof lining.

They’re nice and big and, handily, have four small pockets on the outside to stash things like your shopping list or cellphone (if you’re not worried it could be lifted – an inside pocket might have been better for this purpose).

Wellness Warehouse bagI also like the fact that the straps are long enough to make them into shoulder bags – those new versions of the Pick’n’Pay ‘Green Bags’ have the tiniest, shortest straps, which is fine if you’re just transferring them from trolley to car boot to home, but not if you’re lugging them home on foot, like I often do.

And, let’s face it, they look cool, and if that will encourage more people to ditch plastic and buy eco-friendly bags instead, then that’s ever so groovy with me.

You’ll find the Claremont Wellness Warehouse in Cavendish Connect (just off Cavendish Square).

I don’t know how long these bags will be on special (or if, indeed, this just is the price they’ll be anyway), or whether they are also available at the Kloof St branch (Lifestyles Centre), though I assume they would be.


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