Last year Yuppiechef started a fantastic initiative called ‘Eat For The Earth‘. It’s an inspired idea – asking people to celebrate World Earth Day by hosting a meal in support of local NGO Soil For Life.

I’ve mentioned Soil For Life many a time here, but in case you’ve missed it, here’s what they’re all about:

Soil For Life is a Cape Town-based NGO that teaches people in underprivileged areas how to build the soil and grow healthy plants so that families can sit down to plates of safe, fresh nutritious food, all year round. By creating green, growing spaces in otherwise unfriendly and often dangerous areas, Soil for Life encourages a healthier way of life, food security, community development and plays its part in greening South Africa’s townships one shack at a time.

They have done some phenomenal work, and I’ve had the opportunity to visit a selection of their township food gardens (large and small) to see it all for myself. Seeing good, nutritious food grown in even the most unlikely, seemingly inhospitable spaces is really quite something and makes one feel hopeful for the future.

This is the second year that Eat for the Earth is taking place – last year 65 meals were hosted and R25,000 was raised and this year they are hoping to spread the word wider and get many more people involved.

It’s not too late to get involved. To take part in Eat for the Earth, register a fundraising meal or event on, invite people to eat with you on Tuesday 5 June and then ask them to make donations online to Soil for Life.

To sweeten the pot, Yuppichef has put some great prizes up for grabs including spot prizes just for registering as well as for photos of the most creative and earth-friendly meals hosted at home and at work. To register, make donations and get more information go to

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