A new ‘green’ hotel will be opening in Woodstock just in time for the World Cup…  So I’ve just read on LiveEco, which in turns quotes Property24.

With the ´green´ property movement gaining traction locally and globally, a Cape Town hotel is incorporating all kinds of interesting environmentally friendly practices into its design.

All masonry used in Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock has been sourced from a local supplier who uses recycled aggregate. The hotel´s ´eco-etiquette´ will be defined according categories such as accommodation, transport, food & beverage, conferencing, location, etc.

All of which sounds great – and the list of green initiatives is certainly long, but I do find it rather strange that they don’t take the opportunity to boast about it on their own website… Reading that, all I can picture is yet another luxury hotel and conference centre:

Each of the 176 hotel rooms and suites are decorated in a fresh, modern and contemporary style, offering sophisticated furnishings and amenities, including central air-conditioning with individual thermostat control, wireless internet access and a state-of-the art in-room interactive entertainment system.


The 200-seater restaurant and its exciting “theatre style cooking” concept is located adjacent to the Hotel Lobby on the ground floor, and is designed to become part of the vibrant indoor “piazza” atmosphere of the development. Its sumptuous breakfast buffet complemented by the trendy menu in the all day dining “front cooking” environment will ensure all visitors palates are catered for.

Anyway, I guess that’s what most guests are looking for, and although I am slightly skeptical, I’m also rather hopeful that they will be living up to their list of planned initiatives:

  • Guest room recycling i.e. low-flow showerheads, reduced packaging on toiletries, energy saving devices in rooms to regulate and control air conditioning, lights and power apart from one dedicated plug. This reduces power consumption in the room by up to 60%.
  • The use of bio-degradable guest amenities, made from 100% green and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Water reduction to include tap controls, water re-use/reclamation and encouraging the guests to participate in our “we care about our environment programme”, thus reducing water usage in the laundering of bed linen and towels.
  • Heat exchange system: lessens energy used to heat up the central water distribution system.
  • Procurement of indigenous plants and flowers instead of imported species.
  • Local procurement of supplies (i.e. uniforms, linen, joinery, etc.), from the surrounding area thus reducing carbon footprint on transport.
  • Green training and green teams supervised by a ´green committee´.
  • Sourcing of local seasonal fruit and vegetables, free-range chicken and meat, organic rooibos tea, etc.
  • Use of eco-friendly, inks and paper as well as the recycling thereof.
  • Implementation of an eco-friendly waste management and recycling programme.
  • Conferencing organisers encouraged to participate in the greening initiative by using on-line registration, locally manufactured conference bags, car share and limiting waste.
  • The conferencing facilities have been specifically built to allow natural light to filter into the conferencing rooms.
  • Community upliftment projects. The hotel has become a member of the Woodstock Improvement District in order to participate in the rejuvenation of the greater Woodstock area.

Sounds good to me, and it would be incredible if all hotels could be doing the same.  And, if they truly are going to be practising what they’re preaching, then I shall be very impressed indeed!

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