Encounters 2011

The Encounters Festival kicks off tomorrow evening in Cape Town, running every evening until the 26th of June.

As always, there’s a lot to choose from, a great selection of both local and international documentaries (view full lineup), but two films in particular caught my eye:

If a Tree Falls:  A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

What is the difference between an eco-warrior and an eco-terrorist? Marshall Curry’s film attempts to find out through the telling of Earth Liberation Front member Daniel McGowan’s story. In the process he reveals the complex moral and ethical issues of contemporary environmentalism, activism, and terrorism.

Cape Town shows: Tues 14 6.30pm | Wed 22 8.15pm | Sun 26 5.45pm  (more info here)

Our Daily Poison

Relentless journalist Marie-Monique Robin examines the story of chemicals in our food, undertaking an astonishing global investigation into exactly what is allowed, by who and why. The world pesticide market represents some R250 billion annually and in Europe alone, 139 million kilogrammes are spread on fields each year. Yet all data on toxicity is legally withheld from the World Health Organisation. Her film, by turn riveting, funny and dense, is one for the Aspergers among us, obsessed as it is with detail and finer point.

Cape Town shows: Mon 20 8.45pm | Thurs 23 8.15pm (plus Panel Discussion PD)

Event details:

What: The Encounters Festival
Where: Cape Town Nu Metro V&A
When: 9 – 26 June 2011. Various times.
Booking info: Tickets cost R40. Concessions may apply. 0861 246 362 • www.numetro.co.zam.numetro.co.za

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