Thursday on MCL is (good) green news day. It’s when I give doom and gloom the beady eye by sharing a selection of the latest feel-good stories that have helped warm the cockles of my increasingly green heart (and which are inspiring me to live a better, greener life).

more biedouw moments…Bet you thought I’d given up on this… but I certainly haven’t!  I have been keeping tabs on the good news stories out there (helps me keen sane in this cruel, crazy beautiful world), but I don’t always seem to have the time to compile them as I’d like.

So, for those of you who, like me, need a regular fix of good news, I’ve decided to create an ‘archive of good green news‘, where I’ll be stashing all the stories I find, as I spot them.

That way, when Thursday comes around, my task will be a whole lot easier (hopefully meaning I’ll manage to do it more regularly!)

Of course, having spent all that time making that there fluffy-news-filled archive, I now have none left to work on highlighting the very latest stories for this week’s fix (a girl has to earn money in between all this greenie stuff, ya know).

Ahem… so until next week, when I’m all organised and have no further excuses, whatsoever (muahaha), the archive (which does have new stories in it, by the by) will just have to do!

(So there.)


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