Every Thursday on MCL is (good) green news day. It’s when I give doom and gloom the beady eye by sharing a selection of the latest feel-good stories that have helped warm the cockles of my increasingly green heart (and which are inspiring me to live a better, greener life).

Yeah, yeah, I know – it’s not Thursday, and it’s been far too long since my last dose of green gooey heart-warming stuff… I have loads of excuses, but I’ll not bore you this time.

In between many and varying distractions, I have nonetheless dutifully been keeping tabs on whatever good green news has come my way and here, without further ado, is a selection of the ones that make me feel that bit better about this crazy world of ours:

Canal Walk - photo by ‘FromJoanne’ on FlickrComplex going green (News24.com)

According to News24, the developers of Century City have appointed a task team to ‘explore energy saving measures in both their residential and commercial projects’.  Their aim: to save both energy and water and to implement environmentally friendly waste management systems.

News24 reports that Canal Walk (a major stakeholder) – apparently already ‘far more energy efficient than older shopping centres’ – has recently taken ‘radical steps’ to lower its energy consumption even further.

Good for the environment and good for the bottom line – everybody loves a win/win situation.

‘Consumer trends favour biodegradable packaging’ (Green Flavour blog)

Green Home biodegradable packagingApparently we, the ‘consumers’ (I really hate that word, but that’s a rant for another day), have developed a conscience – and we now want green packaging.  We demand it.

‘According to Bizcommunity, Africa’s leading marketing and advertising news website, packaging has become an essential aspect of branding and consumer trends have shown that biodegradable packaging, in particular, has become one of the most effective marketing strategies.’ (Green Flavour)

Green Home biodegradable packagingWe want our stuff packaged in an eco-friendly way, or we’ll go elsewhere, and the marketing folks are catching on.

Whatever the motivation behind this new trend – whether it be genuine concern for our planet, or just a desire to be seen to be green (green is the new ‘cool’, after all) – bringing in more eco-friendly packaging instead of oil-based plastics is always good news as far as I’m concerned.

More (good) green local news:

  • Researchers find safe way to deal with broken CFLs(treevolution.co.za). CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) save us energy, but are not so easy to dispose of safely (small amounts of mercury escape as vapour when the bulbs are crushed) – but US researchers have found a way to capture the escaping toxins and ensure safer disposal.
  • Gigabyte steps up ‘green’ efforts(itweb.co.za)Computers can chew up a lot of energy, but Gigabyte, the ‘global manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards’ has introduced the Dynamic Energy Saver (DES) – installed in all new Gigabyte PC motherboards – that it claims will not only provide ‘power savings of up to 70% and up to 20% improved power efficiency’, but which could save South Africa between R50 million and R250 million a year.
  • Building company introduces green building system‘ (engineeringnews.co.za) – ‘Steel framework building company Vela Steel Building Systems has successfully introduced its ‘green’ building system into the building industry.  Benefits of their system include a ‘reduced building programme, improved thermal qualities and cost savings’, added to the fact that ‘an entire house can be transported on a truck… steel is fully recyclable, and the house can be built on an elevated platform minimising the impact on its surroundings.’
  • Tough green laws tabled(businessday.co.za) – ‘The government has proposed a range of measures such as tougher fines, wider powers of inspectors and the right to expropriate privately held servitudes in a bid to enforce sound environmental practices.’
  • Projects initiated to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases’ (theherald.co.za) – ‘FIVE projects aimed at saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas pollution and alleviating poverty are being formulated for the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality.’

And from further afield:

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