Road Runner and Wile E CoyoteWow.  There I was getting all smug in the certainty that I was immune.  That I was not going to succumb to the mean flu bugs that are taking down half (or more) of Cape Town.

Why?  Because I eat organic food, of course, which means I am definitely much healthier (more nutrients, happier plants, blah blah) and no disease could come within three feet of me.  Right?

Wrong.  On Sunday evening, that there smug smile to which I’d become rather attached was rapidly wiped from my face, and I unceremoniously became a victim of RoadRunner flu.

I call it that because I felt just like old Wile E Coyote, trying again and again, to stop the danged deranged dust-trailing bird in its tracks.  And every time you set up your defences, and prepare boldly to leave your bed… along comes the RoadRunner and rides roughshod all over you, flattening you like an insignificant pancake – meep-meeping maniacally as it goes.

Ah, a fever can conjure up some rather vivid images indeed –  let’s just say it was an interesting week… (there’s only so much meep-meeping a girl can take, after all)

But, with some heavy duty vitamins and a bit of TLC, I seem to be back on my feet again, although still with that distinct feeling of having had to scrape myself together off the floor and rearrange all the pieces.

Ahem, so there will be no good green news this week.  Nor will there be an events highlight today.  I’m just too danged tired.

The moral of the story?  Beware the flu and eat all your veggies but be sure to supplement them with kick-ass vitamins, because even organic vegetables will not save your sorry meep-meeped ass.

Have a great weekend!

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