Earlier this year, in February, I went on a star walk in Kirstenbosch – an evening walk into the gardens to a lawn set up with telescopes for viewing the Cape Town night skies.

The stars were beautiful, despite the city’s light pollution (Newlands was ablaze) but what I liked even more was the novelty of being in the gardens at night

And now it looks like I’ll be able to do it again, only this time the stars will be replaced by fireflies!

In celebration of 25 years of volunteer guided tours, Kirstenbosch is hosting a series of special guided walks between the 4th and 14th of November 2008.

These walks will focus on specific aspects of the Biodiversity of Kirstenbosch, such as ‘fabulous fynbos’, ‘medicinal plants’, ‘wetlands, streams and forests’ and more.

These walks are all free, though the entry fee to the gardens (now R32 for adults) does apply (if you’re not already a member).

And – the part that I’m most excited about – during those ten days a special nighttime walk will also take place, to ‘experience the fireflies’, the date of which is dependent on ‘warm and calm weather’. What a fabulous idea!

The cost of the nighttime walk is R30 for adults, R10 for children (I imagine this is instead of the entry fee, rather than in addition to it).

To find out if and when the walk is happening, you’ll need to call 021 799 8674.

For details on the day-time walks, download the Kirstenbosch Guided Walks November 2008 programme (pdf). I have a suspicion I’m going to be at Kirstenbosch a lot this coming month (thank goodness I’m a member).


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