Today marks the start of Fairtrade Coffee Week, a celebration of Fairtrade-certified coffee in South Africa.

Over 250 coffee shops around the country will be participating in the event, so keep an eye out for Fairtrade Coffee Week posters.

If you haven’t yet visited Bean There in Wale Street, now’s definitely the time – they’ll be having a ‘buy two coffees get one FREE’ promotion during Fairtrade Coffee Week (and even if they weren’t it’s a great place for excellent coffee, any day).

When in doubt, look for a Woolworths Cafe – the company recently announced that, as part of its Good Business Journey, all coffee-based beverages sold in the over 70 Woolworths coffee shops around the country will be Fairtrade certified.

That’s a huge boost for Fairtrade, doubling the amount of Fairtrade coffee currently available to South Africans, and generating a yearly Fairtrade Premium of over R180,000 for small-scale coffee farmers in East Africa, from which the Fairtrade coffee is sourced. The Fairtrade Premium is used to fund social, economic and environmental projects in farming communities.

Visit for more info, or keep tabs on Fairtrade SA’s Facebook page.

Why buy Fairtrade?
Fairtrade was created to foster a fairer system for farm workers and small-scale farmers sidelined or disadvantaged by powerful conventional trading systems.   Fairtrade benefits small-scale farmers and farm workers by:

  1. ensuring better trading, working and living conditions through Fairtrade Standards
  2. providing a Fairtrade Premium that small-scale farmers (in the case of a co-operative) and farm workers (in the case of a commercial farm) can invest in projects to improve their lives
  3. supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment for a better future.
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