farmhouse_rocks_summer_200921ST MARCH: BED ON BRICKS is a unique feature on the South African musical landscape – a band whose sound is not easily defined, does not fit comfortably in any specific genre, thereby not appealing to any specific group of listeners.

Venue: Cape Farmhouse (Junction at M66 and M65, bottom of Redhill Road 3km past Scarborough)

Time: 15:30

Entrance Fee: adults R50 / students R40 / kids FREE.

Cash bar and light snacks available/ a la carte until 15h30 also available

Next week –

EASTER MONDAY 13th APRIL: HOT WATER sound ranges from upbeat South African beats (ala Graceland), Hopping Blues, Modern Folk ballads (ala Jack Johnson) and thought-provoking, inspiring cross-cultural gems (World-Roots music).

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