Born from the womb of the Mother City, comes a band like no other, a band that defies parameters and exists on the sharp side of ‘rude, rock, reggae’. Formed in the summer of 2000, 7th Son quickly grew into an arsenal of acoustics and expanded their backline with the incorporation of some of South Africa’s tightest musicians into the mix. 7th Son gained fast popularity, and it wasn’t long after the release of their first entirely self-produced album, “Fire in the Rain” that the band began touring the rest of the country regularly, playing at all major clubs and festivals

Saturday 19 September: 7th Son

The Cape Farmhouse restaurant is 3km from Scarborough at the bottom of Red Hill – Junction M66 & m65.  Phone Sarah on 021 780 1246 to book tickets or to find out more.  Or visit

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