Singer-songwriter who makes a difference, she has a voice of an angel and this is the message she sends out to her fans, “Don’t just let the world be something that just keeps changing around you, find ways to make the world change BECAUSE OF YOU!” 

Thanks to you all who have been supporting us and the SA musicians at the Cape Farmhouse Restaurant.

There are so many great bands and just not enough Saturdays!
So we are starting Thursday evening gigs, these will be smaller more intimate gigs so please call and book a table.

Good weather will be outdoors not so good upstairs. The food will be interesting bar meal/snacks with a bit of Mexican flavour.

Next week:
Singer-songwriter Dave Goldblum is a well-known Eastern Cape acoustic
guitarist, who has five albums to his name. Dave has been playing in Port
Elizabeth, Cape Town and Johannesburg for the last 25 years, with bands such as Herd of Cows and New Street. Shawn Phillips described him as ‘one of South Africa’s best singer-songwriters’ in 2007.

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