It’s apparently under new management, but Fashion Exchange is still on and will be taking place at the end of August.

In case you missed itFashion Exchange is a company that organises clothing exchange events at which girls can gather and exchange their unwanted, lightly worn or new, clothes and accessories – and have a bit of fun at the same time. By swopping clothes and accessories instead of buying new ones, you’re also keeping it green… fewer resources needed to make those items, no shipping required, and all that good stuff.

I went to the last one, back in May, and although it wasn’t quite as entertaining as I thought it would be (I’m not really good at girly gatherings I suppose), most people seemed to be having quite a lot of fun, and shrieking with delight at their finds (yep, that’s the bit I’m not very used to), so I reckon I was in the minority there.

Anyway, the next event will take place in a week’s time, this time at Ruby Tuesday in Kenilworth:

Date: Sat 29th August 2009
Time: 12pm
Venue: Ruby Tuesday: 166 2nd Avenue, Kenilworth

Owing its name to the legendary Rolling Stones song, this social venue boasts trendy décor, relaxing ambience and delicious Portuguese style food – a wonderfully inviting place for all.

As always, the events are a great way to spend the afternoon shopping with the girls, arriving with clothes you no longer want and leaving with great garments to spice up your wardrobe.


Tickets can be pre-purchased through Webtickets for R65 or bought at the door on the day. Tickets are limited so book early to ensure your place at the event!

Find out more at

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