fashionexchangeHow many times have you bought something, for a special occasion, or just on a whim, only to find you’ve never or rarely worn it ever again?

When I became a henna-head (red just seemed so much more fun than blonde), I suddenly had a whole bunch of red clothing I could no longer wear… so what to do with the stuff?  

I could give it away, of course, and have done so for some of it already, but this weekend there’s another alternative:  swopping it for something different at the Cafe Sofia Fashion Exchange.

In case you missed it, Fashion Exchange is a company that organises clothing exchange events at which girls can gather and exchange their unwanted, lightly worn or new, clothes and accessories – and have a bit of fun at the same time.

By swopping clothes and accessories instead of buying new ones, you’re also keeping it green… fewer resources needed to make those items, no shipping required, and all that good stuff.

Here’s how it works:

Before you come to the event you raid your wardrobe for a maximum of 6 garments or accessories you think others will value but you no longer wear.

All the items are screened upon arrival and we have the right to refuse certain items to ensure a consistent quality standard is maintained (see FAQs for a detailed list of what we accept). You are given buttons in relation to the number of items you bring – 1 button for each item – which you will use to “buy” other garments and accessories.

While everyone arrives we invite you to have a welcome drink, listen to music and enjoy the atmosphere while all the clothes and accessories are laid out. Approximately 30 minutes after the start of the event we open shop to let you go searching for your new wardrobe. There are mirrors as well as individual change rooms although many participants end up trying on items in store in order not to miss out on anything

You can get as many items as you have buttons and once you have chosen what you want you go to the counter and ‘pay’ using your buttons, leaving with a new collection of clothes and accessories..

The next event takes place from 12 noon to 2pm this Saturday (9 May ’09) at Cafe Sofia in Rondebosch (above the Pick ‘n’ Pay in Rondebosch Village Centre).

Tickets cost R30 and can be bought beforehand via webtickets, or at the door on the day. Visit for more info.

As long as it doesn’t get too hectic and I can find something decent without having to elbow my way to it, I think it could be quite fun.  Hopefully I won’t be left with tokens and nothing that I like!

See you there.

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