fashionexchangeOne of the most amazing things about being in a recession is how ‘green’ people are becoming, simply out of necessity.  

We cut down on our electricity and water consumption – to save money.  We drive less – to save money.  We buy less stuff – to save money.

We watch what we spend, and in the end it can work out much better for the environment.

And now there’s a fun way to make your clothing greener, and still have some fun at the same time:   Fashion Exchange.

Fashion Exchange is a company that organises clothing exchange events at which people (mostly girls, I would imagine) gather and exchange their unwanted, lightly worn or new, clothes and accessories.

You come out of it with a ‘new’ wardrobe, and perhaps even a few new friends into the bargain.  

The next event is coming up in early May:

Grab your unwanted, lightly worn or new clothes and accessories and join us for an evening of shopping, entertainment and fun. Our next event is being held at the eclectic and decadent Cafe Sofia where you will enjoy shopping, drinking and a great girls day out.

As always, there will be great giveaways, socializing, shopping, music and a great atmosphere. The best part though is that you will arrive with clothes you no longer want and leave with great garments to spice up your wardrobe.

I’m not usually into ‘girls day out’ events, but I think it’s a great initiative, and seeing as fellow green blogger Tracy Stokes is going to be there, I think I might just give it a try.

Event details:
The Cafe Sofia Fashion Exchange takes place on Saturday 9 May from 12 noon to 2pm at Cafe Sofia in Rondebosch (Shop 10, Rondebosch Village, 51 Main Rd).  Tickets cost R30 and can be bought beforehand via webtickets, or at the door on the day.  Join their Facebook fan page or visit their website to get further updates.

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