artisan cheese at the Neighbour Goods MarketOh my…

I know it’s probably because it’s almost lunch time, and I’m already primed for drooling by the hungry rumblings in my belly, but how is this for an event that truly sounds delicious and decadent:  a huge communal banquet comprising the best of local organic/free-range produce?  

Check it out:

The Cape Farmhouse Restaurant invites you to take part in a unique celebration – a Full Moon Feast which celebrates the endeavours of local  farmers and entrepreneurs – those farmers who are producing foods  which are organic, wholesome and  grown using proven traditional  methods.

On show  – and for the tasting  – will be  a colourful and rich cornucopia of  fruits and vegetables, herbs, bottled goods,  hand-made  cheeses, real free-range eggs artisan breads, unpasteurised milk, organic wines and  locally brewed beer.

Once your tastebuds have been titillated by these Full-Moon flavours, you will be able to help yourself  to the the Farmhouse Feast . A communal table brimming with inventive dishes from the Farmhouse Kitchen to enjoy. Our chefs will be using much of the produce grown on this and other farms to make up the different  dishes of soups, salads, breads, cheeses, roasted meats, fresh vegetables and desserts.

This event, the first of its kind, is one we hope will be the forerunner of many more such feasts on the Farm.  We would like to grow this concept  into a showcase  for  healthy living that  can surely benefit us, the community  our kids and the earth..

What an awesome concept!  I celebrated my most recent birthday at the Cape Farmhouse, and really enjoyed the wonderful food, and the friendly service… not to mention the fantastic rural setting.  

And, I think a communal feast would be fantastic in that environment.

Here’s what’s on the menu for this debut event:

  • Organic wine and locally brewed beers for tasting
  • Hand-made boutique cheeses
  • Roast Sweet Potato and cashew nut soup
  • Artisan bread selection
  • Farmhouse salads using all organic and locally produced greens
  • Spit roast free-range lamb that is genuinely hormone and anti-biotic free from the Graaf-Reinet area.
  • Spit-roast pig, from the local farm next door.
  • Seasonal roast vegetables
  • Vegetarian bobotjie
  • Green-tea infused handmade Italian ice cream

Now do you see why I’m drooling?

capefarmhouse_picThe Cape Farmhouse Full Moon Feast takes place on Wednesday the 11th of March from 7pm.  

Tickets for the meal cost R110, but entrance is free so you can (if your resolve is strong) just go along and take a looksee, if you just want to have a look at what’s on display.

Obviously, being out near Scarborough, it’s a fair way for anyone not living in the Southern Suburbs, but I figure if I can convince someone to come with me, I’ll be feasting under the full moon…  awooooo!

The Cape Farmhouse restaurant is 3km from Scarborough at the bottom of Red Hill – Junction M66 & m65.  Phone Sarah on 021 780 1246 to book tickets or to find out more.  Or visit


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