Crepuscular RaysWhat the hell happened to summer?

As anyone who’s been in Cape Town over the last month will know, the weather has been on people’s minds even more than usual.

A couple of weeks ago those of us without aircon sweltered through days and unending days of stifling heat (over 40 degrees in the city bowl), sweating over hot keyboards and grumbling about the unfairness of being stuck in an office at times like those.

This week, temperatures have plummeted and it’s been raining for several days… RAINING! It’s unreasonable and unseasonable and far too much like winter for my liking (I even had to haul out my down duvet!).

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and I love rain (we thirsty Capetonians most certainly need the water), but not in February!

February is the one month of the year that you’re supposed to be able to depend upon for good, warm, south-easter-free days. Days meant for catching up on all the beaching you missed out on when the tourists were clogging up the roads and the wind was turning the beach sand into a giant mobile loofah.

We Capetonians can put up with weeks and weeks of the howling Cape Doctor, downpour after downpour, going well beyond the boundaries of normal human endurance – simply because we know that in February things will be different.

February, however, clearly has other ideas in mind. Rebellious February. Fickle February. Perhaps it’s March’s turn to become our new best friend.

The photo above, by the way, was taken this morning on my way to work. Beautiful crepuscular rays. That’s right: crepuscular! It may be cold out, but it’s still incredibly beautiful (apologies to anyone I might possibly have swerved towards, trying to get that shot).

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