When’s the last time you woke up in the morning and couldn’t wait to get up and start the day? At the risk of sounding smug (which I’m not), this is how I wake up almost every single morning – bristling with energy and purpose, and enthusiasm about what the day will bring.

And it’s not because I have lots of money, or a huge stash of possessions, and it’s not even the result of all the ridiculously healthy vegetables I consume (well, maybe a little!) – it’s because I have found my passion, my path… my truth.

It wasn’t something that came to me all at once – it took a long process of figuring out what I didn’t want, or wasn’t good at, before I realised what I did like to do, and what I had a knack for. I quit my full-time job and went freelance. I simplified my life, weaning myself from my dependence on stuff and new things.

And as the clutter receded, it dawned on me that I was happy – that somehow I had stumbled into doing something I loved, and that it served a purpose.  My wise father always used to say “Do what you love, and the money will follow” and I think he was right!

But very often we need some help in finding our purpose… Someone brave enough to challenge the patterns we all create and get stuck in, who can get us to step outside our own boundaries to something new.  That can be a friend, and often is, but even friends are usually still part of your pattern, and are unable to see potential someone outside of it might spot more easily.

Enter, the Passion Test. It’s a process that is designed to help you find clarity on the most important things in your life – to identify your top passions and make the kind of decisions that are in line with them and so more likely to bring you closer to realising your intent.

The Passion Test is a process for helping you get really clear on what your dreams and talents and gifts are… Without clarity the Universe simply doesn’t know what to give you, and you simply don’t know what to give yourself. Doing the Passion Test will bring you clarity on your top five passions, and then it will help you begin manifesting your ideal life by showing you how to work with the power of intention, how to deal with obstacles, and how to make the right decisions whenever you’re faced with a choice, decision or opportunity.

There’s a book, which is worth reading, but if you’re eager to get started, or are wanting something a bit more hands-on, there’s a Passion Test Workshop coming up at the end of August.  The workshop will be facilitated by Russel Brownlee, a hypnotherapist and life coach with a special interest in personal transformation.

Russel went all the way to Rishikesh in India to be personally trained by Janet Attwood, creator of The Passion Test, and is empowered to offer the Passion Test in workshops and one-on-one sessions.

What I love about the process is that it is practical.  You spend some time figuring out what your passions are and then you take steps, big or small, towards making them happen.  By focusing on what’s important, you can then start to make choices that get you closer to where you want to be. Simple, really, and achievable.

For those of you raring to go – the 1-day Passion Test Workshops will be held on 29 August, 3 October, and 28 November (10-5pm) at Erin Hall, Rondebosch (R600 per person).

Win a place on the August workshop!

Mother City Living is giving away one place at the next Passion Test workshop (29 August ’09), worth R600.  All you have to do to enter is fill in the form below, and send us your details.  First correctly answered entry drawn wins.  Competition closes midday on Tuesday 11 August ’09.

* Full disclaimer here: Russel Brownlee is not only a talented hypnotherapist, he is also my significant other (no, the one did not lead to the other!) But as readers should know by now – I’m not given to promoting something I don’t believe in. This man is talented, and I believe he can help others find their purpose, as he has helped me find mine.

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