Fresh VeggiesFor the past week I’ve heard people debating the food crisis until they’re blue in the face. Increase the number of VAT-exempt food items, they said, issue food stamps, put a cap on food prices.

Not once did I hear anyone saying what I thought would be one of the most obvious (and sustainable) options: get people growing their own food.

But, happily, today I read an article on Iafrica that gives me hope. In short, according to the report, Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool has proposed the launch of a “food security campaign” with “concrete initiatives” that would include:

“…making state land at hospitals and schools available for community food garden schemes, setting up food co-operatives , distributing seed packs to vulnerable households, and increasing the school nutrition budget by R5-million.”

Hallelujah! Now, here’s hoping this gets off the drawing board, and out into the community. It’s about time.

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