TheatresportsI’ve been hearing a lot recently about Laughter Yoga, a relatively new kind of laughter-based therapy that’s making waves across the world.

You can sign up for courses in Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, go to seminars to ‘learn with the master’ (hmmm…) and soon you’ll be able to join Laughter Clubs (as led by the newly certified Laughter Yoga Leaders).

Sounds fun, and having heard John Maythem and his Cape Talk team howling with laughter two days in a row last week (and having been unable not to laugh along with them), I can see how it would catch on.

But, I have an aversion to manufactured laughter, even if it only starts out that way.

Which is why I think Theatresports should be put forward as an alternative form of laughter therapy. Anyone who has ever been to a performance of this entirely improvised show will know how hilarious it can get.

It’s the kind of laughter that starts out quite gently, then quite swiftly escalates to that crying/laughing stage, then the curled-up-into-a-ball, trying-to-protect-underused-stomach-muscles phase, followed by the inevitable denial period (‘I can’t possibly laugh any more, hahaha).

So I say, who needs ‘laughter yoga’ – all you need is a few sessions of Theatresports and you’ll be right as rain (and with strong abs to boot).

I’ll be going along this coming Monday (5 March) to the launch of the new Monday night shows of TheatreSports at the Intimate Theatre in Orange Street.. Tickets cost only R40 (R30 for students). Details are available on their website.

Theatresports is on every Monday at the Intimate Theatre in Orange St (R40 adults, R30 students) and every Tuesday at the Kalk Bay Theatre in Main Road, Kalk Bay (R50 adults, R40 students). Shows start at 20h30.

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