The Pasta FactoryBeing wheat-intolerant I don’t tend to get to eat a lot of pasta.

But every now and again, when I’m feeling rebellious and in search of that particular (peculiar) rush that comes from eating something you know you (really) shouldn’t (never mind the purely allergic reaction), I always end up at the Pasta Factory digging into a bowl of spaghetti pesto.

It’s a funny place, with the most unusual seating setups (inside) that I’ve seen (balancing precariously on what looks like a huge bouncy ball is not the norm, I would think, especially when simultaneously negotiating with slippery sauces and uncooperative spaghetti).

The enthusiastic Italian chef who whips up the pasta dishes fires off rapid questions, comments on the choice of pasta and tries to engage one in conversation – but he speaks so fast that I can never fully get the gist of what he is saying, and generally end up just nodding in a bemused fashion, hoping he won’t think I’m being rude.

But, that general lack of comprehension on my part has, so far, not stood in the way of several fantastic meals. The pasta is delicious– all the ingredients fresh and tasty – and very filling.

My advice: go there for lunch, rather than dinner. Unless you’re going out afterwards and planning to burn off some energy, that there carbo-load will keep you awake well into the night.

Also, during the day the outside sections are lovely and sunny, but shaded, and make for a great lunching spot.

At the time of writing this, the Pasta Factory is running a daily lunch special of R19.95 for a selected pasta dish, and during term generally offers students special deals as well.

The Pasta Factory is on Park Rd, in Gardens. Unusually, they work on a card system – you order at the pasta counter, or at the salad bar, and put it on a card. At the end, you pay for everything altogether at the till. If you’re used to being waited on, this may take some getting used to!

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